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If you are considering an airline credit card, there are numerous options to consider but it totally depends upon your preferences for the airline credit card. The first and foremost step is determining your key offering from the airline credit card. After all, you have so many options to choose an airline credit card that can earn airline miles as a reward without a large spending cap. And in general, the travel cards require great familiarity with the airline frequent flyer program.

When you choose an airline credit card, you must take in consideration your travel and spending behavior. As each card offers a distinct set of features in the travel category so making the final decision might be tricky for you . However, what works for you might not work for others in the family as they have different travel spending habits. So here’s the ultimate guide to help you choose an airline credit card with ease.

How to choose an airline credit card in 2024? – Key Questions to Ponder

Airline credit card
  • Do you always take flight on the same airline?
  • Do you prefer priority checking of your baggage?
  • Do you pay the balance in full?
  • What is your current credit score standing?

Is the airline credit card right for you?

 In order to choose airline credit card that fit well with your needs consider the following integral questions.

Do you always take flight on the same airline?

 If you are a frequent traveler and trust a single airline for travel, then airline credit cards are preferable for you. But in case you want to shop around while traveling then travel reward cards better suit your needs. The general travel cards are good for earning miles and redeeming them on your favorite hotel stays and car rentals. 

If you fly less than 4 times a year then the airline credit card is not the appropriate choice for you.

Do you prefer priority checking of your baggage?

Many people choose an airline credit card because of the perks that bags are checked free and on priority. The free checked bags are for two passengers who are on the same travel itinerary. As priority checking of bags typically cost $30 on each trip, so in this way you can save a huge chunk of money. Therefore, if you and your companion are fond of travelling than paying the annual fee of the airline credit card is better than paying charges for checking bags.

Do you pay the balance in full?

 If you are the one who often ignores the deadlines, than if you choose an airline credit card you will be paying of high interest charges. Airline credit cards are suitable for all those who are regular in paying their monthly credit .

Best Airline Credit Cards with Companion Tickets

 If you want to opt for a companion bonus, then its good to choose an airline credit card. The companion benefits are for all the big spenders who want to travel every nook and corner of the world. If you prefer Alaska Airlines for traveling to your favorite destination, you can make use of the Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card.

What is your current credit score standing?

 If you have a low credit score, then you cannot be eligible for airline and travel cards. When you choose an airline credit card, the mandatory condition is to have a good to excellent credit score. A credit score greater than 690 is considered as good.

 Weighing the Pros and Cons of Airline Credit Card

Pros and Cons- Choose An Airline Credit Card

When you choose an airline credit card, it is important to know its real value. Generally, the rewards of airline credit cards are in the form of miles for one carrier. Similarly, if you choose an airline credit card you get bonus reward miles for purchases for a specific airline. If you are a frequent traveler on a single airline then airline credit cards are the great choice for you.

 Pros of Airline credit cards

  • Airline credit cards are centric towards travelers and can help you accrue miles quickly. When you choose an airline credit card you get at least 1 reward on each dollar you spent on all the eligible purchases. Many of the premium airline credit cards offer greater reward miles on purchases made with the airline or its associated partners.
  • When you choose an airline credit card, you get unlimited travel perks. Priority boarding, free checked bags, higher loyalty status, and other such benefits come along with this card. For frequent travelers, who prefer to enjoy the trip in luxurious ways, the airline cards will provide you access to lots of amenities.
  • If you choose an airline credit card, you get a higher loyalty status tier. There are numerous airline credit cards that include higher airline loyalty program status. Higher status generally means more perks, luxurious seats along with early boarding and priority checked bags. 

Cons of Airline credit cards

  • When you choose an airline credit card , it means that you are bound to spend a huge sum of money. Many of the airline credit cards comes with an annual fee greater than $100 so it is only appropriate for high spenders.
  • Airline credit cards only offer rewards in the form of miles. Getting rewards in the form of miles are only good for you if you travel frequently , otherwise it’s a waste of rewards. If you are the one who don’t travel frequently then you should go for cards with cashback rewards.
  • Most of the airline cards are tied with a single airline. You can reap greater benefits if you book flights with just one airline. For instance, The Delta SkyMiles® Platinum American Express Card is good for you in case you fly frequently on Delta Airlines

 What conditions do you need to tick mark to choose an airline credit card in 2024?

Choose an airline credit card

If you are committed to leverage the airline credit card in the best possible ways, make the informed decision by keeping in consideration the following points:

  • Map your spending habits – If your travel spending is concentrated to a single merchant than you could definitely choose an airline credit card. The better you know your spending habits the good it’s for you to maximize your rewards.
  • Do your airline credit card research – There are a plethora of airline credit card options available in the market. If you are among the Hawaiian Airlines frequent flyers, then go for the specific line of credit cards that can give you the greatest benefits.
  • Identify the travel perks you need – Airline credit cards comes with range of travel perks. Some of them include lounge access, priority boarding, free checked bags. If you want to get all the benefits, then it’s appropriate to spend on the premium cards
  • Crunch the numbers – The signup bonus, annual fees, transaction fees, and companion benefits are the important things to consider when you choose an airline credit card. It is often a good idea to create a spreadsheet and make calculations on how much you will spend in each category to get the most out of airline cards

How much hassle you are willing to tolerate for an airline credit card?

Airline miles are wonderful to earn if you know how to redeem them effectively to make the most out of the miles. If you want a straightforward program with no limitation on the expiration date of miles, you can check Southwest Airlines and JetBlue. You can book seats on the flights using the points. 

If you are willing to invest more time and effort in choosing an airline credit card , then the results of the rewards can be more fruitful for you. Always look for cards that offer stays in luxury hotels, first-class dining and premium lounge access to further elevate your travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the right airline credit card?

The selection of the right airline credit card depends on multiple factors that include earning potential, rewards, redemption options, airline network, and destinations along with other perks. It’s important to assess your travel habits and then use various airline card options to find the one that fits well with your needs and budget. Thorough research and detailed listing of card details could help you choose an airline credit card that aligns well with your needs.

Can I use airline credit card rewards for any airline?

The airline credit card rewards are flexible in some cases but in most of the cases the cards are centric to one airline. Few of the cards allow you to redeem rewards for various airlines while others are tied to a specific airline and you can only reap benefits on that airline.
Before you choose an airline credit card , review the redemption options to ensure that they align well with your traveling habits.

Which card among the airline credit cards are easy to get?

The terms and conditions for the Southwest Rapid® Rewards Priority Credit Card are flexible and people with credit score of 600 and above can opt for this card. Through this card, the card holders can get unlimited 3x points on all Southwest purchases.


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